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Antenatal Preparation - £120 for 90 mins

Meet 1:1 in your home to discuss how to prepare to feed your baby. This is best from 34 weeks onwards.

Video Consultation - £65 per hour

I offer both Antenatal and Postnatal support virtually over video call.

Postnatal Support - £190 per 2 hour consultation

Support in the early days will make a huge difference to your breastfeeding journey. 1:1 support in your home.

pregnant woman holding tummy
pregnant woman holding tummy
Follow up visits - £110 for 1 hour

Home visit to ensure your feeding plan is meeting your needs and adjusting as required.

Postnatal Package

An initial consultation with a follow up visit to get breastfeeding off to the best start :

  • 2 postnatal visits (2hrs initial consult & 1 hour follow up) within the first month post delivery. These do not need to be scheduled in advance

  • A written feeding plan & summary of what we discussed

  • Follow up checks via call/text


Full Package

A bespoke feeding package tailored to your needs, an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and pencil in the first visit, each postnatal visit will be organised once your baby arrives:

  • A 90 minute antenatal preparation class & hand expressing support (online or in your home)

  • 2 postnatal visits within the first month post delivery to get breastfeeding off to the best start. Typically within the 1st week and then within the 1st month.

  • A written individualised feeding plan

  • Follow up checks via call/text

  • Follow up email with resources and a summary of what we discussed



"Caitlin’s passion for supporting women on their breastfeeding journey is clear from just one conversation with her. While I was pregnant with my first baby, Caitlin not only taught me the basics of newborn feeding but gave me helpful tips and tricks to use along the way. A skill I found particularly helpful was how to harvest colostrum before the baby arrived. This was proven to be very useful when I had an emergency c-section and my milk came in on day three because of the prep-work Caitlin had suggested. I would highly recommend her to anyone researching or planning on breastfeeding."

Amy H

"Caitlin is a fantastic midwife. Her knowledge on women and breastfeeding is amazing, I don’t think I would have been able to breastfeed without her help. She was able to teach me so much when I was pregnant and then she was there in the very tricky early days with my baby. She’s calm, reassuring and so kind. Thank you so much Caitlin!!"

Berry C

"Caitlin’s help was invaluable in those first few days of breastfeeding. She was calm and gave us so much reassurance that things were going well. She was also very happy to answer my many follow up questions in the days and weeks that followed. Without this kind of support, there is no way I would have continued breastfeeding."

Katie R


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